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By Brett Gurney

August 31, 2022

Today we will explain how LiveGood affiliates earn by sharing the LiveGood products. A breakdown of the Earn by Sharing program.

You will also get to see the LiveGood owner Ben Glinsky explain the program in his own words. Watch the video!

To clear any confusion let's just get this out there right now. LiveGood does not pay a commission on members product purchases. That is how we all get the huge benefit of the wholesale prices.

They instead pay commissions to the affiliates on the membership fees those affiliates bring to the company. There is also a small commission paid on the retail sales which are in effect the non-member purchases.

LiveGood Affiliates Build Teams Of LiveGood Members 

It's easier to build a team of shoppers that benefit from wholesale prices in high-quality health products. Easier than if they were purchasing mediocre products that are overpriced ... as is often the case.

LiveGood is not your average, everyday shopping experience. Not by a long shot. LiveGood shoppers get the best of the best.


So it only makes sense that a person might want to become a LiveGood affiliate. You turn people on to something way beyond better than average. And ... you can make a few extra bucks yourself.

We are seeing LiveGood affiliates proudly sharing with their families and their friends. You can't always say that about other programs and products. 

The affiliate program is a simple referral based program. Affiliates share LiveGood with people they know. Friends, family, and associates. Once on the LiveGood website those people can shop, become a member and shop, or become an affiliate as well.

Does LiveGood Benefit From Their Affiliates?

Yes! And so do the shoppers! Using affiliates to grow the member base is how the company can do what it does. It's how they can offer high-quality health products at a fraction of the cost of their competitors. 

They cut out the middle man, the advertising and marketing agencies, and use affiliates instead. LiveGood affiliates are happy to make a commission on memberships only and a small commission on non-member product purchases. 

So now ... the LiveGood company can continue offering these amazing wholesale prices, and the affiliates can build a team of people who will never quit. There's nothing TO quit.

It's a win-win for everyone.

Okay ... So Tell Us How The LiveGood Affiliate Program Works

LiveGood affiliates are all types of people. Anyone can do it. It's just a matter of wanting to share LiveGood through the Earn by Sharing program, Those people will be rewarded by the company for their help in growing the company.


Website visitors might notice the Earn by Sharing link in an obscure location in the footer of the website. This is by design. Unlike most other affiliate or MLM companies that bombard you with the money talk the second you hit the site. Personally I like this a lot.

How Does LiveGood Pay Commissions To Their Affiliates

Commissions are paid to affiliates by the way of what some will know as a unilevel compensation plan. The bigger an affiliate grows their team, the deeper they are paid in the unilevel.

There are three ways to get paid. All based on referrals to the company. They pay on the referral of those just shopping (non-members), members, and affiliates.

To become a LiveGood member (to get the best wholesale price on all purchases) it costs $9.95 or $99.95 a year. The annual is the same membership. It's there for those who want to save a few buck by paying in advance.

To become a LiveGood affiliate it costs a one-time-forever $40.

Everything is completely optional. A person does not have to become a member to shop. Only those that want the best prices will become a member and only those who want to participate in the Earn by Sharing program will become an affiliate.

Here's The Breakdown On The 4 Income Streams That Make Up The Affiliate Program


And Now ... LiveGood Owner Ben Glinsky With Details For LiveGood Affiliates

 ... here's something i think you will like. CEO Ben Glinsky explaining the affiliate program in detail. This 12 minute video should answer any questions you have.

With LiveGood You Can't Go Wrong

LiveGood affiliates have many benefits. But there are more benefits from being associated with LiveGood then just making money.

Do you like saving money on stuff you are already buying? Just switch stores. You may even get a better product!

LiveGood is a high-quality health product wholesale membership buyers club. Yes that was a mouthful ... but think about it. Is this not the perfect solution for so many? After all, they offer super amazing high-quality healh and wellness products at an average 75% less than their nearest competitor.

What's not to love?

So be sure to get back with the LiveGood affiliate that invited you to this post and get started!


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