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By Brett Gurney

March 15, 2023

Our first question for you might be ... Have you tried the LiveGood CBD Oil yet?  If not. this overview will inform you to this great LiveGood product.

In this overview we'll go over what the LiveGood company says about their CBD Oil. And comparisons to other oils in the marketplace and some general information of CBD oil for those that don't know.

But first, just what exactly is LiveGood?


So What is LiveGood?

LiveGood is a membership buyers club new to hit the internet. Think of a Costco or a Sams Club. They are membership buyers clubs too. Customers subscribe as members to receive discount pricing on their products.


LiveGood is slightly different though. They only carry high-quality health products and supplements. Another difference is the greater savings. Ours are not little discounts. Instead we boast actual wholesale pricing averaging 75% less than the nearest competitors.

These competitors we mention are the other "high-quality" supplement providers.

LiveGood CBD Oil Is A High-Quality Product

Here's an example of what the LiveGood company claims about their CBD Oil. 

"At LiveGood, we pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality, purest products on the planet. And our CBD Oil represents that to the utmost level. Derived from only the top 1% of hemp farms in the country, LiveGood CBD Oils ensure you will experience maximum benefit with each and every drop. The ultimate carrier oil"

The most common carrier of CBD for most products has been the hemp seed oil. But as of more recently MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil has come to be a popular choice.

Hemp oil is within the plant so it's clear to see why it was thought to be the perfect carrier.

However new science suggests MCT oil to be equally or even more effective for this. Apparently MCT delivers the CBD more efficiently through the body. That means better absorption which equates to more benefit.

We are sure you'll notice the difference from the very first drop!

These are the reasons we claim the LiveGood CBD oil to be the better if not THE best on the market. State of the art facilities and clean, pure ingredients along with greatly advanced harvesting and manufacturing processes backs the statement.

LiveGood CBD Oil is of the highest quality available!

We Love Our LiveGood CBD Oil!

LiveGood CBD Oil for People and Pets

Benefits Of LiveGood CBD Oil

  • Better Sleep
  • Anxiety and Depression Relief
  • Reduce Some Epilepsy Symptoms
  • Reduce PTSD Symptoms
  • Pain Relief
  • Help With Diabetic Complications
  • Ease Arthritis Symptoms
  • Boost Immune System Protections

All Right ... But What Is CBD?

Must get a little technical on this one ...

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid. Cannabinoids have affects on the body's endocannabinoid system.

This contributes to essential body functions ...  from mood, to appetite, to sleep, and more.


Our bodies produce endocannabinoids, but only so much.

So just as with other supplements, we can increase the action for better performance.

This can lead to better sleep, lower stress, minimize pain, and less cravings for opioids and tobacco.

Watch This Short And Easy To Understand Video: Everything  There Is To Know About CBD Oil

What About Price? Does LiveGood CBD Oil Compare With Other Top Brands?

It's a great question! And it's something we talk about often! We believe you will too when you see the price comparisons. We choose the other brands with intention. They are the best quality therefore true competitors. We happily put the LiveGood CBD Oil quality up against any other in the market. Do your own comparisons! 


What About LiveGood CBD Oil Pets?

CBD oil helps animals too!  too! Sometimes our furry family members have achy joints the same as us. They also sometimes suffer from anxieties like fear of thunder and storms. Separation anxiety is often times another issue with our pets.

For these not-so-pleasant pet ailments, the LiveGood CBD Oil for pets is another guaranteed winner. It contains 300mg of Full Spectrum CBD. And it's chicken flavored for easily adding to food or use as a treat.

It works great!

 ... and .. just like all LiveGood products, we don't have to spend a fortune to get it.

So it's not only effective but affordable too!

Thank You For Checking Out Our LiveGood CBD Oil Review!

We encourage you to get more information on LiveGood and their products. You can ask the person that shared LiveGood with you!

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