July 24



By Brett Gurney

July 24, 2022

Today is special. We introduce LiveGood CEO Ben Glinsky. Ben will share with you his vision and his thoughts that led to the creation of LiveGood. And why he used the model that he did.

First I will introduce LiveGood with a super fast overview. What it is and how it works.

And if you are purchasing health products now, I'm pretty sure this will get your attention. Why? Because of the crazy low prices and the product quality. Now there's a combination you don't see everywhere. 

Let me rephrase that. When it comes to health supplements, low cost and high quality is a combination you don't see at all.

Until now.

LiveGood Uses A Membership Concept You Already Know Of

Costco, Sams Club, and Amazon are no strangers to any of us. But did you know Costco has over 100 million  members? Members pay an annual fee to get discounted goods. Amazon Prime members get free shipping and a few other perks.


LiveGood specializes in high-quality low-cost nutritional supplements only. That is the LiveGood difference. And it's something most of us are already doing. We buy vitamins and supplements to get health and stay healthy. The older we get, the more important it is. 

But we are paying too much, and usually not getting any real quality.

LiveGood Health Products are not sold at a small discount like the other membership companies. They are sold at WHOPPING discounts. 50-75% less than their competitors. That's pretty darn significant ... and attractive. 

Okay ... so that's what LiveGood is. Now, as promised, lets hear from CEO Ben Glinsky.

LiveGood CEO Ben Glinsky Shares His Vision

LiveGood CEO Video Highlights

Hear Ben share network marketing insights based on his multiple years of experience. It's a model that has become broken in the eyes of many industry vets and newcomers too.

Now for those highlights ...

"Alright guys, let's talk about the network marketing industry and how it works.

So as a lot of you guys know, all these products, nutritional products, supplements, skincare products, they all cost about eight to $12 to make. But companies are selling them for $60 $80, even over $100, so they can pay out a lot of money in the compensation plan. "

"Does That Work"?

Ben continues, by asking if that works, and then answers the question ...

"Well, it works for maybe 1% of the people who are actually making money in the company. Kind of works for another three or 4%, who are making a little bit of money, or making enough to cover their monthly product expense.

But 95% of the people in the company who get in, for the reason of making money, are making little to nothing, haven't signed up a single person, haven't sold a single product.

Some of that is their fault. Some of it's not. I mean, it's hard to sell a product for 60 or 80 bucks when your friends can see a very similar product on Amazon for half the price. "

And The Conclusion: "So it's okay, right? No, it's not okay!"

His conclusion is telling ... listen or read carefully as the LiveGood CEO concludes with remarks that frame his exact reasoning for creating the LiveGood company ...

"I don't understand why in every other aspect of our lives none of that stuff is okay.

 But somehow in network marketing, it's accepted that you're going to overpay for products. It just makes absolutely no sense. You've got people at the top of the compensation plan driving around a brand new Mercedes, you got company owners posting pictures of flying around in private jets.

And then you've got single moms struggling just to make ends meet, trying to make a little bit of extra money and buying an overpriced product just so the owner can fly around in a private jet and so their upline can make 50 bucks on them while they're making nothing.

Guys, it's time for a change. This industry is broken and we're going to fix it."

I Trust You Caught This ...

I simply must repeat his ending, as it's the entire mission of LiveGood ...

"Guys, it's time for a change. This industry is broken and we're going to fix it."

Be sure to watch the complete video to get everything as I'm simply highlighting here.

And there it is folks ... LiveGood CEO Ben Glinsky sharing what he knows best. The in's and out's of the network marketing industry. What works, what doesn't, and why. Leading to his creation of the LiveGood Wholesale Membership Club.

My Conclusion: LiveGood Wholesale Membership Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

Following LiveGood there will be a dramatic shift in how people purchase their wellness goods. Taking advantage of incredible wholesale prices from home not just throughout the USA but the world as this company expands and grows.


It will also create a new outlook for the home business fans. Many are aware and no longer happy with the current models of over-priced products resulting in people quitting after just 2-3 months. It's frustrating having to rebuild teams over and over.

So keep watching, reading and following us here. We'll be back before long but until then, go ahead and grab a LiveGood membership and save yourself some money.

Brett Gurney

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    1. greetings Shalien … sorry i don't have any specific dates on canada yet just that they are working on it. They are however allowing affiliates in canada to market and build with their usa friends and associates. Do you have a friend you are working with in LiveGood … a potential sponsor? As for personal use LiveGood is not yet shipping any of their products to canada … hopefully soon.

  1. Hi Brett

    Im happy to hear about the business and to have an opportunity to be a member i just joined. Because i have realized that Livegood is the best business in the world. And im very proud of all livegood owners and i thank God for your smart brains. As i am the mothet of 3 livegood will give me an appotunity to raise my kids in a good way as i am strangling to give them a good life they deserve.

    I'm is South Africa and i know God will add more intelligence and wonderful ideas for this business to provide for the poor

    God bless you all

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