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By Brett Gurney

August 1, 2022

The LiveGood Company product formulators Ryan and Lisa Goodkin are going to share with us today. Good stuff! We get to hear the LiveGood product mission and what makes our products amazing.

Aside from the incredible product prices it's a question we all ask right? How good are the products? How do they compare with other companies health products?

It only makes sense to ask these questions when you see how incredibly low the prices are. But it just so happens it's a question we love to answer. In fact we encourage people to compare the product quality with other products out there.

Our LiveGood Company Product Formulators Are Qualified!

Okay so let me just share a little about this dynamic duo before you watch the video. Both Ryan and Lisa are highly qualified to have a huge hand in the making of these products. They are the designers based on years of experience. 

I feel good about having these two as the product spokespersons for LiveGood. I was with another company that did not have product people that were obviously dedicated users of health products and healthy living.

It's important, I think, to have people on board that don't just talk the talk, but that walk the walk. It all becomes so much more credible ... in an instant.

So here's the bios on Lisa and Ryan ...

Lisa Goodkin

With a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, a degree in Science and Nutrition and over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, Lisa knows what works and what doesn’t work for people of all levels of health and fitness. Her commitment to helping people understand how their bodies work and what can make them perform at peak levels, is exactly why we are beyond proud and blessed to have her as our Director of Product Education.

and now the other half of the LiveGood Company product formulators dynamic duo ...

Ryan Goodkin

With a doctorate in pharmacy from Palm Beach Atlantic University and a degree in science and nutrition from Florida State University, Ryan has a unique background of being both a natural health practitioner, as well as a pharmacist. He has hand formulated each and every one of the LiveGood products utilizing only the highest quality ingredients harvested from the purest sources around the globe.


The LiveGood Company Mission Statement

Our Mission is Simple: 

To Help People Get Healthy, And Stay Healthy Without Having To Spend A Fortune To Do It.

We normally get our vitamins and minerals from the food we eat, but it's hard to eat so good that you get all that's needed. It's almost impossible for most people to do.

So ... we must supplement with health products. Our bodies and our minds are complex. We all need this nourishment to live high quality lives. If we don't, we will suffer the consequences.

Damage and disease can be fended off with good supplementation.

Now It's Time We Hear From The LiveGood Company Product Formulators

Ryan and Lisa Goodkin Share The LiveGood Product Mission

Conclusion ...

Purchase LiveGood Health Products to get the most advanced formula's in health supplements. Not only have we brought to you incredible products that work, but we've made it easy to do. Delivered right to your door!

LiveGood is a wholesale membership club. Much like some other membership clubs you are familiar with. The difference being however, that we specialize in high-quality heath products, and the discounts are MUCH deeper.

So give t a try. You've nothing to lose and plenty to gain. Shop at LiveGood for great products at a fraction of the cost of other health stores

Brett Gurney

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