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By Brett Gurney

July 23, 2022

It's time to start telling the LiveGood story. We are going to enjoy doing this there's lots to tell and we love this entire concept.

LiveGood's plan is to help families meet their health objectives with our nutritional products that are affordable. Not only does the LiveGood wholesale membership club make our products accessible to households, it does it in a way that is manageable for those on fixed budgets.

Over-Priced Products Don't Exist With LiveGood

Are you familiar with MLM companies? Most people are. I'm not knocking those companies as I was a big fan for many years. But there are some elephants in the room with the way things are today.

There is only one way to have enough money coming into a company to pay commissions to distributors through multiple levels. They have to mark the products up. And not just a little bit. In order to keep the distributors happy enough to stay, the markups can be significant. 

LiveGood Health Products wholesale membership changes that dynamic ... in a big way.

But Now ...Let's Talk About The LiveGood Health Products

"Our products are the best". You ever hear that before? Every company says it right?

It's true there are a lot of really good health product companies out there, online and off. Including MLM companies. Good companies with good products.

Not all, but there really is a lot of good stuff out there to choose from. And a lot of those companies have good strong customer bases because of that.


So what if a company's main mission was to find a way to provide similar quality products, or even better quality products, for a fraction of the price.

Would that pique your interest?

It sure did mine.

LiveGood Product Development Director Says This About Our Products ...

What makes LiveGood Health Products special and amazing

Director of Product Development Ryan Goodkin:


"The mission with LiveGood Wholesale Health Products is to help people get healthy, stay healthy, and and not spend a fortune doing it. 

That meant creating the highest quality products that actually work. It's been my mission and my passion to ensure that LiveGood has the highest quality products and there's really two ways we do that.


The first is our ingredient selection. We source the highest quality, most bioavailable ingredients, and then we test them before they even go into manufacturing.

The second thing is our manufacturing process. We manufacture according to CGMP. That stands for Current Good Manufacturing Practice. It's the most strict guideline in manufacturing.

We then test our finished LiveGood producst for common allergens, heavy metals, pesticide residues, solvent residues, gluten and GMOs. So that you know when you buy a LiveGood health product, you're getting the absolute best quality on the market.

And that's what makes LiveGood awesome."

Do You Like The Sound Of High-Quality Health Products At Wholesale Prices?

 ...and when we say wholesale, we mean 50-75% lower than the competitors. Without sacrificing quality.

Sounds a little absurd right?

It does sound absurd, but it's not. When you know how and why, it all makes perfect sense.

With LiveGood health products, the mission is to bring the highest quality to the consumer, at the most affordable price. You see, they don't pay less for the products they sell you. No less than any other company. They just apply a reasonable mark-up and they don't price gouge.

Without the advertising costs of other companies, and without paying big commissions to distributors selling their products, they are able to do that.

The WholeSale Membership Concept Is Something I Can Get Behind

So ... not paying huge commissions on product sales and not paying advertising agencies to spread the word. Instead offering prices at more than half of what similar products on the market go for.

I'm in.

Sounds good to me! Does it to you?


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