December 9


By Brett Gurney

December 9, 2022

Another amazing product by LiveGood has now hit the market. LiveGood Magnesium Complex Ultra is here and available.

So we have to talk about it right? I mean it would not be right if we didn't and some believe this is one of their best yet. And you know what we say - there are good products, great products, and then there are LiveGood products.

Not everyone knows about magnesium. It's just not talked about as much as some of the other more popular supplements. But that's only because people don't know yet the vast benefits of magnesium.

So let's get you up on the subject. Stick around and keep reading because we have some awesome content to share with you on the new LiveGood Magnesium.

More Magnesium Facts

Magnesium is a master mineral and is key to better health. And the LiveGood Magnesium is one of the best. 

Sadly, not nearly enough people are getting enough magnesium in their diets.

There are over 300 reactions occurring in the human body that magnesium has a role in. 


Just some of those are the balancing of blood sugar levels, proper blood pressure regulation, healthy hormones, and muscle and nerve functions.

Health experts say you have to have the correct amounts of magnesium to maintain a high level of brain health, as well as overall well being.

But that's not all. In fact it's just the beginning.

More Benefits Of LiveGood Magnesium

Consider this ... anxiety, stress, sugar, caffeine, and sweating all contribute to magnesium depletion in the body. There is a compounding effect that leads to a spiral of negative effects with our health.

That's why LiveGood's Ultra Magnesium Complex is such a great supplement. Keep your magnesium levels adequate by using the product, for your own health's sake.


LiveGood Magnesium also can have a hugely positive effect on sleep patterns. If you are one who knows the importance of getting enough sleep, you will understand the value of this.

LiveGood Director of Product Education Has This To Say ...

Lisa Goodkin, LiveGood Director of Product Education says this about the LiveGood Magnesium:  


Lisa Goodkin

“Personally, I struggle with sleep, so I ALWAYS take 2 of LiveGood’s Ultra Magnesium Complex before bed for a good night’s rest. Depending on your needs, you can also take 1 at lunch and 1 in the evening, always making sure to separate it from your LiveGood BioActive Complete Multivitamin because it can compete with absorption or even worse, it can bind to other minerals.”

Lisa explains further: "The magnesium glycinate in our LiveGood Ultra Magnesium Complex is the best form of magnesium for sleep. Magnesium glycinate is a combination of magnesium and the non-essential sleep-inducing amino acid, glycine."

Magnesium plays a big part in sleep regulation. Current research shows that additional magnesium can help the body relax and even improve symptoms of insomnia.

This Video Sheds More Light On The Subject ...

LiveGood Magnesium - A High Quality Mineral Is Key To Optimal Health

But How Does LiveGood Magnesium Compare To Similar Looking Products?

We'll have to get a little technical for a second here. It's the only way to answer this properly.

There are many different forms of magnesium and it can be confusing what is what.

Our LiveGood Magnesium Complex Ultra is made with two of the most bioavailable forms of magnesium ...  magnesium glycinate and magnesium gluconate,

Magnesium Glycinate helps relieve stress and insomnia, depression, and anxiety. It promotes healthy heart rhythms, bone strength, and exercise performance. It's also been known to help reduce pain.

Magnesium Gluconate support muscles, bones, the heart, and healthy function of nerves. This is the form used to prevent and treat low levels of magnesium.


Why Is Magnesium Not Talked About As Much?

This is starting to happen. Magnesium has gained popularity over the last few years, and for good reason.

Magnesium supplements are not new, but are finally gaining popularity for their contribution to so many wellness benefits. These include more energy, great sleep, and a better mood.

Magnesium is also know to assist in regulating blood pressure and supporting a healthy heart, and helping with migraines.


Magnesium regulates the function of hundreds of enzymes, acts as an important electrolyte and helps your body build proteins.

Therefore, LiveGood Magnesium plays many important roles in the body, and we NEED this mineral in proper amounts to live a healthier life.

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