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By Brett Gurney

March 15, 2023

There is a big buzz occurring in the direct sales and network marking industry right now that has a lot of people highly excited.

On Dec. 13, 2022 LiveGood CEO Ben Glinsky announced the LiveGood Powerline Global Launch to the world.


The LiveGood powerline feeds into the  a 2X15 forced matrix ... another component of the LiveGood compensation plan.


  • Multi-leveled Fast Start Commissions Paid Weekly - up to 10 levels deep! 
  • A 2X15 Matrix Commissions - fed by the LiveGood powerline marketing system,
  • Matching Bonuses paid on the matrix - up to 5 enrollment generations deep !
  • Multi-Leveled Retail Commissions - up to 10 levels deep
  • Giant Influencer Bonuses
  • Company Profit Pool Sharing

LiveGood offers cutting-edge health supplements along with an amazing opportunity for those who want to earn by sharing.

Since the LiveGood Powerline global launch announcement the company has literally exploded across the globe. I honestly don't know how many countries are represented so I'll just say "most of them".

The company recently announced over 100K members in just 3 months.

Are Leaders Joining The LiveGood Powerline Global Launch?

Every MLM or network marketing  company needs leaders to help build the member base. In the testing phase, the very beginning of LiveGood, before the LiveGood Global Launch, those sought after top networkers were only watching.

They thought the LiveGood wholesale buyers club membership was brilliant and that it had incredible potential. But there was a weak payplan at the time and they weren't getting onboard. 

A far more team building element was needed in the plan. Something more like what LiveGood has now. And sure enough the day the Powerline and matrix was announced, those top networkers and builders were jumping on board.

And they are still jumping on board. It's fun to watch. I've never seen anything quite like it.

Now We'll Share Those LiveGood Powerline Global Launch Announcements 

Dec 13th, 2022 LiveGood announced their global launch with the Powerline Matrix compensation plan. See below a snippet from the zoom call of the big announcement.

LiveGood Powerline Compensation Tutorial With CEO Ben Glinsky

That was part of the Zoom announcement. The presentation that shocked the MLM world.

More Great LiveGood Videos Here

LiveGood CEO Ben Glinsky is surely no stranger to the network marketing world. He's actually a little famous for his systems and particularly for his incredible Powerline marketing system.

The LiveGood global launch along with the new Powerline Marketing System will only add to his standing as a top company owner in the health and wellness MLM space.

How Does The LiveGood Powerline Marketing System Work?

The LiveGood Powerline feeds the LiveGood matrix. I believe it's genius what they've put together here.

Aside from feeding the matrix, the powerline is a powerful marketing system. The  fear of loss and sense of urgency elements are serious motivators that direct people to joining.


What's really amazing is how the company continues marketing to the people in the powerline for as long as they stay active.

The following video explains precisely how the LiveGood powerline works in tandem  with the LiveGood compensation plan.

How The LiveGood Powerline Fills The LiveGood Matrix

Learn More About LiveGood!

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