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By Brett Gurney

July 28, 2022

Lisa Goodkin is a health product expert. She's also the Director of Product Education with LiveGood Wholesale Health Products.

Today Lisa will demonstrate one of her favorite uses for the LiveGood Protein and the Livegood Super Greens,

As a trained professional of wellness, health lifestyles, and proper eating and supplements, she loves teaching others her trade.

Knowing how to use the products in the correct way helps us get even more bang for our buck.

But before we get into that demo, here's a quick look at Lisa's Profile and a little explanation of the LiveGood Members Club.

Lisa Goodkin

With a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, a degree in Science and Nutrition and over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, Lisa knows what works and what doesn’t work for people of all levels of health and fitness. Her commitment to helping people understand how their bodies work and what can make them perform at peak levels, is exactly why we are beyond proud and blessed to have her as our Director of Product Education.

We Packed Our Plant Based LiveGood Protein With Goodness!


Completely Plant Based

LiveGood’s Protein is plant-based and packed with the  highest quality ingredients we could find. The ultimate protein powder.


Pea Protein

All nine amino acids the body needs is in the pea protein ingredient,  plus arginine for strong blood flow and a healthy heart. Also contains iron with little fat.


Organic Hemp Protein

The hemp ingredient works towards rebuilding muscle, is good for the brain, and protects the heart.  Also effective in weight management plus boosts energy, strengthens the immune system, and could reduce inflammation.


Fermented Protein

This process assists digestion without harmful bacteria that is frequently added to other products. Plus it helps the body to absorb and digest valuable nutrients.


Amino Acids

Amino acids have a hand in almost every action in our bodies. Tissues, muscles, energy, skin, digestion, and more. The LiveGood protein is jam-packed with the highest level of amino acids possible.


LiveGood Protein Goes Well Beyond Just Protein

Our complete plant-based protein is stuffed with 26 vitamins and minerals. that are vital to our health. From Vitamin B for energy, to iron for building muscle, to iodine for our metabolism, and all that's stated above. So we have your back with this amazing LiveGood product.

Are LiveGood Products Priced Right?

Now there's a question often asked. t's common to want to know such a thing right?

But we like the question. In fact it's one of our favorites to answer since our product prices are bragging rights. We love talking about it.


LiveGood is a wholesale membership club exclusive to high-quality health products. We don't mark-up the products excessively just to pay commissions to distributors in a leveled compensation plan.

Oppositely, we use that saved money to keep the product costs down to an affordable level for all people. This is what makes LiveGood Health Products so attractive to the masses.

Here's an example:


Okay Time For That LiveGood Protein Demo - It's Smoothie Time!

Lisa Goodkin Shows Her Favorite Use Of  A LiveGood Product

Conclusion ...

LiveGood is special. There's nothing else quite like it. Our products are premium ... of the highest caliber. It just doesn't get any better.

But that's not all we have going for us. The prices are jaw dropping Yes. It's just amazing to see such a huge contrast with other companies and stores. And without giving up any quality whatsoever.

But our models' quite different as well, and there's a great opportunity attached to it. Hiding on the back end.

The main program is all about customers and their satisfaction.

Won't you give it a try?  Please get back with the person that invited you to look at this post.

Brett Gurney

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