August 11


By Brett Gurney

August 11, 2022

Today we will discuss an amazing health food supplement. LiveGood Super Greens is an organic health product packed with high-quality leafy green wellness ingredients.

Do you know about LiveGood yet? It's an amazing new company with a new way of shopping. They are a wholesale membership club with unbelievable prices for high-quality health products.

LiveGood Is Not Replacing Quality With Low Prices

No, not at all. They have a unique business model with very little overhead. They are not paying commissions on product sales for one thing ... while still using affiliates to spread the word. 

Therefore, no commissions paying on products sales, and no advertising budget amounts to low prices. Essentially at cost.

Having said that ... the LiveGood Health Products are made with the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing processes available today. We will put these products up against any in the marketplace.

Continue to follow us and we will prove this to you. Beginning today with the LiveGood Super Greens.

What Makes LiveGood Super Greens So Great?

The product is organic so that's a darn good start. Most of us know already how important good clean nutritious food is.

Our bodies are dependent on what we consume to function properly.  A clean diet is the ultimate in premium fuel needed for all our systems to operate as well as they can.

With zero pesticides and chemicals we can absorb the nutrients we need while remaining disease free. 

So there is no question that in order to stay at the top of our game we simply must maintain a clean chemical free diet high in nutrition.

Make Sure You Add Greens To Your Diet

We all need greens in our diets. Green veggies are rich in vitamins and minerals, and fiber too. But not high at all in calories. I would say that's a pretty darn good combination wouldn't you?

Leafy greens also are known to have reduced the chances of heart disease and obesity. In addition, a green rich diet can help balance blood sugar levels and maintain a healthy weight and an energetic lifestyle.

There are many other benefits to a healthy diet rich in greens, both physically and mentally.


Does LiveGood Super Greens Match Up Well With Other Green Products?

Yes! Very well in fact. And it's a question we enjoy answering. As a reminder it's important to compare apples to apples so to speak. Products of equal or similar quality in ingredients, manufacturing processes, and effectiveness.

Not all green products have equal nutrition value for example. The ingredients may not be as pure, or the amounts of the ingredients may not be the same.

LiveGood takes pride in the way they make their products, and they make sure the quality is there. We are happy to compare with any other products out there.

We believe that once you experience LiveGood's shopping concept and the product effectiveness you will agree with us. Our nearest competitors are top of the class. we know, because when we formulate our products, we mirror them after the best of the best.


Director Of Product Ed Lisa Goodkin On Her Passion For Super Greens

Watch this great little video as LiveGood product expert Lisa Goodkin shares how she won't leave town without her Super Greens

Lisa Goodkin on LiveGood Super Greens


A good amount of high-quality leafy green veggies should be in everyone's diet. They are packed with goodness and will only improve the quality of life.

With ample amounts of fiber, magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium and more minerals and vitamins, greens are a super food.

But it's hard sometimes to eat in such a disciplined way.

So as Lisa says ... we should all stay within range of our next serving of leafy greens to stay as health as we can.

Get back to your inviter for their link so you too can purchase LiveGood Super Greens. You won't be sorry!

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