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By Brett Gurney

September 21, 2022

Let's have a conversation about a great product that doesn't require a great investment. LiveGood Vitamin D with K2 is that great product.

Before we get into that ... for those that don't know yet what LiveGood is, here's a quick summary.


High-quality health product wholesale membership shopping club. Now there's a mouthful. So what is it?

We are all familiar with the different variations of membership shopping. For example, Costco. Buy a membership to get better pricing on their goods. Right?

LiveGood's structure is the same, except they specialize in high-quality health products and wellness supplements.

Another difference is the discount you get. Real wholesale pricing. Not this little discount stuff. We are talking about huge discounts on an average of 75% less than the nearest competitors.

Sounds pretty amazing right?

They don't stop there though. LiveGood is so confident in the quality of their products they include a whopping 90 day satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

Benefits Of The Goodness Packed Vitamin D With K2

You may be familiar with vitamin D. So you would know the benefits. The LiveGood Vitamin D will not disappoint I assure you..

But if you don't know about Vitamin D, we'll make sure you do by the end of this article.  Weakening of bones, among other health risks are always on the mind of those aging. Vitamin D address so many of these issues.


And paired with vitamin K2, such as is with the LiveGood vitamin D, it's even more effective. We all need an ample amount of calcium in our bones. But without help that often is not the case. Directing and assisting this passage of calcium to the bones is one of vitamin K2's main functions.

Without the K2 the calcium often times builds up in the arties instead, which can lead to heart and vascular problems.

LiveGood Vitamin D with K2 is the perfect supplement to guard against weak bones issues. Strong and healthy bones is a solid foundation for the added benefits of maintaining  overall good health.

Vitamin D Is Essential - LiveGood Vitamin D Offers Even More

LiveGood Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that along with vitamin K2 helps the body to absorb calcium and promote bone growth. Vitamin D also plays an important role with the immune system.

But it's difficult to get enough vitamin D from diet and sun exposure alone, especially during the winter months. Vitamin D and K2 work together to support bone health and help prevent cardiovascular issues.

While vitamin K2 is not as well-known as vitamin D, it plays an important role in maintaining good health and along with your other supplements adds to a well rounded health regimen.

Both nutrients are found in fatty fish, eggs, and dairy products but they are also available in supplement form. 

Supplementing with vitamin D and K2 is an easy way to improve overall health and protect against health related issues and illnesses.

Does LiveGood Vitamin D Compare With Others That Are Available?

Yes! LiveGood is hard at work to bring the best products possible. 

The product development team are backed by their many years of hands on experience in health supplements. 

They don't just talk the talk. One look at them tells the story of their personal involvements as to their health and wellness and physical fitness.


That's why LiveGood's Vitamin D3 and K2 with 2,000 units of D3 supplies your whole body with the best quality Vitamin D you can find anywhere.

And at just the right doses each cell of your body benefits!

Scientifically and carefully formulated with Vitamin K2 the LiveGood Vitamin D helps calcium get to the bones as it should.

Healthy bone density adds to the bodies overall wellness.

LiveGood Product Formulator Ryan Goodkin Announces Vitamin D With K2

LiveGood Product Developer Ryan Goodkin

LiveGood's Product Mission: 

LiveGood's product mission is direct and  straightforward ... to consistently provide high-quality life-changing products.

They rely on science and nutritional experts to meet quality standards. Natural, clean, and organic ingredients and state-of-the-art production facilities will always be first priority.

We create results driven products. Our product lineup ensures the #1 priority is providing the means to better quality lives.

LiveGood Vitamin D is just one more example.

Brett Gurney

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