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By Brett Gurney

July 19, 2022

I have very exciting news right now. At the time of this post (on or about early July 2022) we are launching the much anticipated LiveGood Wholesale Health Products Membership Club.

After years of development behind the scenes we all get to see what the LiveGood owners and founders have created. And you will be amazed.

Many think the LiveGood Health Product Membership concept is just out of this world cool. When you see the products prices you may at first think something is wrong. You might think it's unrealistic or even impossible.

But I can assure you it is not. The business model is sound, makes sense, and it works. It's simple really. They sell direct to the customers and they don't pay commissions to affiliates on product sales.

The money saved is put towards offering affordable products. Affordable to everyone.

See the video here. Nauder Khazan, Director of Marketing for LiveGood announces the prelaunch kickoff.

So What Is LiveGood Wholesale All About?

How many people in the world do you think are overpaying for their supplements. My guess is most, if not all.

Even those buying the cheap stuff are overpaying because in almost every case those products are ineffective. What we are talking about here with LiveGood is of the highest quality in health nutrition.

You're probably familiar with some other wholesale membership clubs. Costco and Sams Club come to mind. People become members to get the best prices. The wholesale costs are less than their competitors.

That is similar to what the LiveGood health products members benefit from. Without the added overhead from massive advertising and cutting out all the middlemen the company can offer these fantastic prices.

One thing to note though. LiveGood specializes in only the highest grade products. The quality is about as good as it gets. That's their niche and they are good at it.

And that is what LiveGood Health Products Wholesale Club is all about.

LiveGood Is A Solution

Yes, yes, yes. We are a solution. A solution to the massive problem of unnecessary markups and price gouging. 

LiveGood saves members 50% and more ... sometimes MUCH more, on their purchases of products similar in quality to other high-end health stores.


That is what's so great about it. Getting health products affordably without sacrificing quality. LiveGood products consist of vitamins, supplements, skincare products, and more. Beauty and health products.

So if this sounds good to you ... if you like the idea of saving boatloads of money on high-quality health care products, LiveGood may be just the thing for you.

I know it's the thing for me, and for a whole lot of other people.

Let Us Be Your Go-To For Health Needs

LiveGood just plain rocks. Our health products are as good as I've seen and I've been around them for many years.

Their mission is to provide people with the highest quality health products at an affordable price.

Let's face it. We all work hard for our money. Working hard means being in good health and in good shape. It also means we all want true value for the things we spend our money on.

LiveGood ensures that we will be doing just that. And when we purchase the products, not only will our wallets thank us but our bodies will too.

I'm committed to living healthy. And I'm not mister money bags here either. So it's important that when I do spend my money I'm getting my money's worth.

I'm sure you feel the same way.

Go Wholesale - It's The Better Way

Membership clubs work. At least this one does and so do some of the others. Costco has over 100 million members.

There will be other companies follow our lead. It's hard to compete selling similar quality products to ours for 3-4 times more.

So give us a try. You are going to love this concept and you will love our products.

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